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19th Annual Roamin Angels Car Show-September 8 & 9, 2018The 2018 19th Annual “Cruisin the Pines” car event is days away. As of this writing we are ahead of last year’s registration numbers and have lots of stuff in the works to entertain everyone.

The short list?

Opening ceremonies compliments of The Bear River Choir, the American Legion and Boy Scout Troop 855.
You can demo drive a number of Alt energy vehicles for free. While we probably won’t have the 0-60mph in under 2 seconds Tesla that Leno drove, you will have a selection of surprisingly nimble hot rods of tomorrow to choose from. Check the Main Building.

If you want a little comparison to what was vs what is… you can wander over to Model “A” land on the West Main grass area near Ponderosa Hall.

Roaring engines music to your ears? Randy and his Merry Band of “Fast Boats” will light them up a few times during the show. East end of the Eastern Grass.

If half the crazy 4x4 vehicles and owners show up….well… be prepared for everything from Brand new…to HUGE…to wow. East end of Treat Street.

Mayor Barden will watch over the Vintage trailers from the throne is what he claims. It’s the 50’s all over again. North of Treat Street.

Personally I think the Buzzards are a front organization for the Mob. How else can you explain someone donating 300 cars to their Gravity Drags? Yep, it’s the Gravity Drags at the Pine Tree Stage Saturday mid morning staged by the Bad Boys of Bonneville.

I tried to talk both Gold Crest Limo and Durham bus into putting Flames on their vehicles but, no luck. As of now…. Anyway, Gold Crest will have their BIG limos on site for you to try out. They also have donated some WOW!! limo excursions to the Big Raffle and 4x4 awards. Durham? Check out a school bus from inside and out. Re-live your childhood. Main East Grass Area.

I know you never have in real life…but now’s your chance to drive while under the influence for fun. GVPD will have the dance pad filled with vehicles and fun challenges so you’ll know what can happen and what not to do.

Sierra EBikeSierra E Bike makes a 20mph, 20 mile range electric assist bike with big fat tires and heavy duty frame. Like to ride? Test drive one in the Main Building area.

Riebes will have their area filled with cars, race cars and “Toys” you don’t normally see. Expect them to give away a tool box (Big One) to one of you. Main Grass area in front of what else? The Main Building.
Bring a Kid or simply act like one at Swasey’s RC car area in back of the tall pines building. Make like you’re in NASCAR or racing down to Baja.

Be sure and visit all the buildings so not to miss the Art show, The Artisans, The Club’s memorabilia display, Some Museum quality Motorcycles, and the completed Delahaye.

Drop by the KNCO booth and say Hi to the folks from KNCO broadcasting live....

If your check list does not include the Big Raffle for some off the wall & COOL stuff or the 50/50 raffle for some cold hard cash, well what can I say except…

Thanks to everyone who helped stage the 2018 version. We still have need for a few volunteers in various jobs. Lots and Lots of effort put in to making this the best Car Event in Northern California. Keep your ears peeled. You’ll hear that very phrase repeated over and over again by our guests.

August is always a crazy month…Bonneville, Hot August Nights, Monterey, Car shows, plain ole vacations to get away from the heat & smoke but those of you staying in town got to participate in some interesting after breakfast adventures.

If you’ve never been to Gary Apples garage you just need to schedule your bod with us. [Check out the photos and additional commentary]

Don and Kelly are new members who joined us at our little shooting excursion to “The Range”. Kelly’s first time on a gun range proved she should not be messed with. It’s now “Bullseye Kelly”…..

IH Parts has grown from an interesting shop to a large interesting business focusing on unique products made by IH. We toured the grounds before the buildings. Holy Cow! He’s got stacks …well organized….of every conceivable part in, for instance, a Scout. Hoods, trannys, bumpers, engines, windows you name it. Want something…different…unique? We saw a $100K red beauty, re-engineered to accept upgraded parts and engine ready for off road in Colorado, California or the Andes. Jeff usually brings some crew to join us at breakfast. This year it included a new employee fresh from the Nevada Union Auto shop. Which brings us to…..NU's shop. [Check out the photos and additional commentary for more about NUHS Shop]

Survive the Drive
I’ve filed the paperwork with Sierra College to stage “Survive the Drive III” on Saturday April 27,2019. Mark those calendars right now and get ready for some fun. We’ll have some additions to the content next year. How about Cal Trans and the DMV for instance?

The Great raceGreat Race
The Great Race will be coming through town in Late June and making a pit stop here for lunch! There are approximately 400 pre 1974 cars entered that will race from Riverside to Tacoma. First time ever for the West Coast.

What’s super exciting is we have 4 entrees from Nevada County including our very own Den R. Bob Brocke of Foothill Car Care is entering the Teen division which means his crew is under 20. Bob is actually looking for additional crew. Got a teen that can spare 10 days racing? Call Bob.

The Great Race, Grass Valley and the Chamber is seeking our help in parking these folks as they pit stop here on their way to Tacoma. Stay tuned for details. Check out the special display at the car show in the Main Building and see the flyer in this issue. $50K first prize….


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