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My Trip To Tennessee

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My Trip To Tennessee photos

My Trip To Tennessee

By Karin R.

I took a trip to Tennessee to see my best friend since childhood. It was a 3 week adventure that took us to many places.

Mind you, I hadn’t been on an airplane for 18 years, so it was all new to me with TSA and all the regulations. I made it through on a rapid express boarding on the trip from Sacramento to Nashville.

My friend Tina (many of you have met her at the Geezer picnics) and two of her friends and I took off for a week-long trip to Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. The weather was great the whole time and we went and saw all the “touristy” things. We also were in Appomattox, Roanoke and saw where the Bristol racetrack for NASCAR is. What happens in Virginia, stays in Virginia. We all had a fabulous time.

One of the ladies who accompanied us on our trip was telling me all about her husband’s love of classic cars and his “collection” of cars and memorabilia. (You can Google Leonard Brown in Cowan, TN and see a few things. After our return from our week-long trip, we made arrangements to go to Leonard and his wife Charlotte’s house to see the cars. I was amazed when I walked in the first garage.

His collection of cars is phenomenal. He had 14 in the main garage, along with license plate collections, gas pumps, oil pumps, Coca Cola, Die-Cast cars and everything else you could imagine. There was a picture of him receiving a trophy from Johnny Cash hanging on a wall. This very nice man gave me a tour of his garage and you could see the pride he takes in all of his vehicles. He also has an old gas station that has been restored in town where he houses more of his cars. Thank you Leonard and Charlotte.

Although I wasn’t able to visit with Terry and Kathy while back there (she was in California when I had the chance to meet up with them), I still got a “fix” for our favorite hobby and pastime.

Oh yeah, we also went to a moonshine distillery and sampled the goods.

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