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Car Show & Beyond

Commentary by Mike H.

Claude summed it up best over the weekend of the show. We’d pass each other several times over the course of the 3 days. More than once he said “This is scary, nothing’s going wrong…”

Are there some things we can improve on? There is every year, but, it was a great 18th annual “Cruisin the Pines”. 18 years! Think about that.

Thanks to all the members for pitching in. Thanks to the directors for the months of hard work. Thanks to the new directors for stepping up. Thanks to new members for joining in. Special Kudos to a couple of you for going above and beyond.

We’ll be reviewing the 2017 show and talking about the 2018 show on October 10th, 6pm, Salvation Army. You are invited to be in on the discussions, reviews and recognitions.

Feed back….

"On behalf of Impact Teen Drivers, thank you for inviting us to attend the Grass Valley Car Show and for the Donation. Roamin’ Angels is a wonderful organization that does great things in the community. I hope your event was a success and we look forward to working with you in the future. In gratitude, Monica, Education Outreach"

I received a call Monday after the show from Faith Granger (Deuce of Spades) as she was leaving town. “Thanks to all the Club members and especially Gary for your wonderful hospitality. I will be starting on another movie production soon and this area and your Club would fit in well with the script. I’ll let you know.”

"This is such a great community event. The Roamin Angels epitomize what a Non Profit is all about."

"Think about the business and exposure you’ve brought to Nevada County and our Town." Rich Bodine.
"We had a great time. We will be back next year and have great ideas about more RC racing and some giveaways. Thanks for having us.
Mark Swasey"

We gave away 4 bikes for kids completing the GVPD safety course. I stopped by K Mart Tuesday to tell them thanks and arrange to keep the two display bikes for our toy drive. Manager Curt says “You must have had a great show. People have been in here all weekend talking and three of the four bikes have already been picked up and those were really,really happy kids and parents. Count on us next year!”

"Thanks for Inviting the Red Cross to your car show and for th nice words from Gary Barnes about the Red Cross. Thank you for highlighting all the volunteer organizations. Ned Russell"

"I won, I won!! My Dad used to take me to the Sac Auto museum every Fall then we’d have lunch afterwards. He just passed away. My son and I are going to carry it on." Unknown Big Raffle winner. (Thank you Mr. Teague for the passes)

"I just have to tell you how wonderful those kids serving dinner were. Polite. Thoughtful. Well Mannered. Not at all like the kids from the Bay Area where we come from. Repeated by more than a few sticking their heads into the kitchen after eating.

I’ll be back next year with my car. I can’t believe how friendly everyone is and what a great setting you have. New old Porsche owner from Richmond, Norm."

On a personal note…Thanks to the Red Cross for taking a picture of neighbor Al next to the Deuce and a Half. It replicated the same photo of him almost 70 years earlier just after WWII also taken by the Red Cross. One of the more enjoyable happenings this year was being introduced to the new head of the Salvation Army here and in turn introducing him to the other non Profits at the show. That meant the Red Cross, American Legion, Veterans Stand Down, VFW, Welcome home Vets, Rotary, Meals on Wheels, Food Bank, United Way, Lions Club, Sammie’s Friends and the Marine Corp League. It was a great opportunity to see how we all fit together in this community, common needs, common opportunities and discover unique strengths and assets that can be shared. These cars are just amazing links amongst us all.

Special thanks to the American Legion and Gary Barnes, The Nevada County All Veterans Honor Guard, Troop 855, BMR racing, Gary A. for finishing up the Alpha in time for the show & Dan and his wife Ruth for the classic Fire engine. I hope you took a few moments to meet the many volunteer organization representatives and say thanks. I wish the sound system had worked better. Bear River’s Choir was great as were all the singers. Technology give’ith and technology take’ith…….

My yearly reminder…next time you’re in a Riebe’s store tell them who you are and say thanks to the employees. Bart, Jay and all the employees as well as the NAPA organization spend hours in supporting this show and this Club. They don’t do that in other areas of their operation. You wouldn’t have a show without them.

And you? Take a bow. You did it again. It’s a lot of work. Be proud of yourself and know it’s by far the best Car event in Northern California - bar none.



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