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Tripps photos

Tripps Auto Body Shop Tour – Friday, March 30

The Tripp family have been long time supporters of the Roamin Angels, “Cruisin the Pines” and the community. Darrol and Todd have made a point of maintaining their apprenticeship program and ties with the Nevada Union School district.

About 30 of us toured the “New” facility a few weeks ago after breakfast. “New” because although they moved to the old Dodge dealership building a while back, the sink hole that developed next door kept them low key for about a year. It hasn’t affected their building physically but plainly disrupted the area.

I don’t think we’re giving away any secrets here but Todd told us in touring the paint room that they run through….at their cost!!!....$14,000 in paint every month. That’s a lot of dinged up cars folks.

Some of the new technology was nifty but the old school approach…like fine sanding and then buffing new paint still works. They will do a Hot Rod…they own a few….but the wait is longer than doing a “regular” car.

– Story by Mike H. • Photos by Edie & Bud H.

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