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I love this time of year!

Weather is good with a slight breeze and 70’ish temps. Perfect for working on the bombs while either listening to R&R or watching NASCAR or INDY. Just wish I could drive each a little more. You?
We had a good meeting last Month at Trailblazer Pizza. Something about Pizza and cars like donuts and cars that go together I guess. I’ll be on “Shark Tank” soon with my Pizza stuffed donut concept…. Mex and Mr. Wonderful…has a certain ring. Good to see past President Ray Yedding at the meeting among other guest luminaries.

Dee Ann reported we have about 100 cars, trailers and boats signed up. I’ve taken to carrying car show apps with me when I’m out and about. You know when you buy a Corvette, for instance, you suddenly see Corvettes everywhere you go? I’ve been spotting potential 4x4’s for the Big A compound likewise. Bob Brocke’s Datsun at Foothills Automotive for instance. I drove by Arch’s the other day and did a quick U when I spotted the red M37 Dodge ¾ ton parked out front. Mine used to be green and said “US Army” on the side with a M60 mounted on top. Kevin was not only excited to be invited, will bring his Son and his Jeep… but… is the proud new owner of a Corvan. Do I know anyone who knows anything about Corvairs? He asks. Uuuummm Yes,… yes I Do! The point being come on by and grab a few apps from me and you can do likewise.

Speaking of 4x4’s…Jeff from IH Parts is helping Jim and Judy with the 4x4 compound. We all met to set up the categories for entries. They came up with a bunch of fun ones; Oldest, Newest, Most Stock, Most Modified, Ugliest, Best engineered. Big A and IH will hold drawings and give away fun stuff like 4WD parts and accessories and free food at Big A. Any year, any make, any model.

Personal invitations have been sent out to 13 Model “A” clubs in Northern California. Can’t have too many “A’s”.

All the local Micro Breweries have been in the shop lately for one reason or another. They are all extremely busy either opening a new store front or expanding operations. Every single one has made a point of telling me they want to be at the show! I’ve tasked each and every one to come up with a scheme for promoting us and them. Something easy to stage, not in competition with our sales and helps drive up attendance. Win, win. We’ll see.

It’s back to Salvation Army for the June meeting. I’ve been experimenting with the start times of the monthly meeting to get everyone in, done and back to that hot dinner date and watching Hannity. This month we’ll compromise on the time moving it to 5:30pm. Next car show meeting then is Tuesday, June 12th , Salvation Army, 5:30pm. As usual, you’re all welcome to sit in.

Sheila Atherstone has been terrific in volunteering for the Gate Directorship the last two years. This year Sheila is begging out of the job and we need another member to step up. No Gate Director, No show is what it boils down to. The job is pretty straight forward and besides gathering members to staff the two gates at the show and make our Monthly meetings…not much for you to do between now and September. Show weekend you’ll have a golf cart to use and your main job is to make sure the gates are staffed and receipts are picked up for the treasurer’s safe keeping. The staff’s job is to sell tickets, answer questions and smile. All probably the most straight forward of jobs at the car show. Give me a buzz or drop me an e mail to sign up.

Enjoy Spring and get out there and drive your fleet…..

Commentary by Mike H.


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