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Car Show Directors

Car Show & Beyond

Commentary & Photos by Mike H.

Every year we encourage people to step up to help out with our Cruisin the Pines Car Show. How fortunate we are to have several new members join in as Directors or co-Directors this year.

Every year there is a core group who volunteer without hesitation. The show literally would not be possible without them. They get the facilities cleaned, the trash picked up, the cars checked in, the food prepared, the gates open, the raffles raffled and the show in motion.

Kudos to all the current Directors & Helpers for 2017!

Please see the insert to the news letter for the up to date list of Directors. Hang on to it because if you have questions you’ll know who to talk with. If you’d like to volunteer you’ll know who to call.

Let’s also recognize some loooong term helpers taking a break this year. Without them we would not have gotten 18 years down the road. Bill & Karin, Dusty, Dick, Landon & Karen and Glenn M. A special thanks to Danny G “The Sign Guy” who quietly goes about securing and installing and even storing all the signage for the show. You can see it truly takes a community to put on Cruisin the Pines!

Last month we reported 35+ entries signed up. Happy to report that has grown in a few short weeks to over 100. Let’s keep it going!

Next meeting is June 13th, 6pm, Salvation Army and you are welcome to attend.

One of the key activities in this community is the school district’s auto shop. It’s certainly a focus for us. We’ve got a scholarship program meant to benefit the program and the car show’s “Young Gear Heads” supports the kids and our hobby’s future for instance. ROP dropped its’ support in 2016 and the responsibility for auto shop reverted to the School district. That process has been a little traumatic for everyone.

Good news.

George…Woody… is back after a leave of absence this past school year. He’ll pick up where he left off this Summer when the new school year starts. That bodes well for “Young Gear Heads” and the car show. This change means that Eric, who filled in for George, will not be with the program in the new school year. That is a loss. Those of you attending the Bear River mini show in May know the feedback from students, faculty, and management was “ Why don’t we have an auto shop?” There are a couple of components to that answer. One is money, of course, for the equipment and instructors but another are parents. Parents always want the best for their kids and college and college prep has always been “the Best”. Funny thing though, a recent study out of Harvard following up on technical education found that a high percentage of kids first with a technical education ultimately got that 4 year degree and because they had skills, work experience and a degree actually earned more that the college only kids. One avenue is not mutually exclusive of the other.

The best reason for shop? A teacher from Lyman Gilmore needed help with one of her students soon to head off to NU to be a Freshman. He was raised in a problem environment, couldn’t fit in the school routine even though he was really smart but LOVED working on cars. How many of us were square pegs in round holes as teens? Woody also happened to be at the recent Big “A” event. The intro was made. Before I left the two alone, they assessed the problem, made a plan to get him into his safe haven of auto shop, got the right counselor, and the kid on the right track. Two excellent teachers, two excellent people and one excellent auto shop program.


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