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Big As Fundraiser & Survive the Drive

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Big As Fundraiser & Survive the Drive photos

Big As Fundraiser & Survive the Drive

Commentary by Pat G. and Mike H. • Photos by Pat G. and Edie & Bud H.

Photos from Big As Fundraiser supporting the Survive The Drive Program and The Survive The Drive Event. Click photo to the right.

I was early at BMR so I could help set up and get things ready. We were all done about 7:15am because BMR had done most of the work the night before.

I heard the commotion then quiet.

I watched them unload the car. Well, it was once a car. It was twisted, the driver’s side badly damaged. Looked like maybe a fire had taken place as well. The 6 or 8 people watching with me were completely silent as the car was lowered down the ramp. The final resting place was right in front of the entry to the meeting room. Everyone had to pass it as they entered. All the parents and kids would later learn that the car had belonged to Mrs. Alvarado, one of the day’s speakers. More correctly, the last person to drive it was Mrs. Alvarado’s son who had died in the accident.

It was a sobering start to an absolutely rewarding day.

Thanks to Bud and Edie for taking pictures. I think their pictures tell the story better than any words could.
I would like to thank all the volunteers from within the Club and out that made this day possible. On the RA side of things; Claude, Gary, Steve, Terry, Kathy, Richard, Pat G., Pat B., Bill, Randy, Rick K, Gary D, Fred, Pam, Don G, and Daryl. Thanks to 49er and South County Rotary members, Gold Country Kiwanis, Supervisor Ed Scofield, Sonja from Cal Star, AAA Insurance staff including Mathew D & Michael Mc., G.V. CHP members Greg & George, GVPD member Brian, and Riebes’ Jay C. 30+ people who took time from their holiday weekend to spend community time with some grateful families. Special thanks to Pat G for helping on the project. 1st time through is the hardest and Pat carried a load, trust me.

Special Kudos to Riebes and Bart, Mark at Plaza Tire, Jon at Thunder Hill, Mike at State Farm, KNCO’s Tom, Jon and Loraine and of course Jim and Judy at Big “A”.

It would not have happened without “Impact Teen Drivers” and Bill Mc Anally and his staff. Two groups who you can BANK on their word. No Ifs, Ands or Buts. Very, very impressive people and organizations.
Sunday we’d already had inquires from parents wondering about next time and organizations and companies wanting to join in and expand the effort.

I’ll leave you with some words from the mid-sixties that keeps me moving; “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”. – Mike H.

Survive the Drive was a great success. Educational and fun. I would like to THANK all the Volunteers for taking time out from their busy schedules to help with this Event. And a BIG Thank you to Mike Hauser for making this Event happen and a success. Without the volunteers and the sponsors it would not have been a success. We had 27 students show up out of the 29 students who signed up for our first Driving event. Thank you again everyone. – Pat G.


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