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Friday Breakfast & Mustang Corral

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Friday Breakfast & Mustang Corral photos

Friday Breakfast & Mustang Corral

Story by Mike H. Photos by Edie H.

The visit to Elliot’s “Mustang Corral” had some surprises. First, there was a Chevy parked in his garage! Secondly, a 1940 Ford! But, oh yeah, there were about 10 Mustangs in various state of restoration as well.

The biggest surprise to me and I guess a good reason so many went on the visit is how well known Elliot is to the Members and the general Northern California public. There had to have been at least a half dozen members who had or were having work done by Mustang Corral – engine builds, brake changes and speed upgrades to name a few. Good tour. Interesting guy. Beautiful location.
Christy & I left to head back. I said, “Isn’t it amazing how every little nook and out of the way cranny in this County has a classic stashed away?” Christy pointed out the front window just then to the side of a neighbor's house a few hundred yards away…”Oh, you mean like that 1970 VW bus?...”


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