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Maxwell Car Show

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Maxwell Car Show photos

Maxwell Car Show

May 20, 2017 - - -A beautiful day, sunny, warm, but not too hot, when we took the 64 Ford Galaxie to the Maxwell Car show, parade, & rodeo.  Richard and Pat G. also took their Chevy Cameo PU.  Bill & I were in the parade watching the children scramble for the candy thrown out from a float. The classics in the parade turned off at the grassy schoolyard for the car show. We parked the cars & put up the pop-up tent, as not a lot of shade, and enjoyed the car show.  

After lunch, many raffle prizes were given out as each entrant received one raffle ticket upon entering. One fellow meandered about selling cold, frosty lemonade.  Lunch was at the school building, BBQ tri-tip, hot dogs, etc.  We had brought our own sandwiches to avoid waiting in line.  For a few minutes, we took a peek through the fence to watch part of the rodeo at the adjacent lot. A variety of vehicles at the show, and many pickups.  My guestimate would be about 200 or maybe 300 cars. It was an enjoyable FREE show; we'll do it all over again next year.  

By Ruth H.


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