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Toy distribution photos

Toy Distribution
December 19, 2018 • Vets Hall

Thank You! Thank You! Again another year of helping the Salvation Army! The Roamin Angels signed up over 265 families in October and November, the sign up's went very smoothly. Thanks to my VOLUNTEERS.

The Roamin Angels picked 40 families to support and help. The shopper's had a budget, but being ANGEL'S they spent more and the families will be so grateful. Some of the families cry whenthey come to pick up there packages. That makes it all so very special. Thank you SHOPPERS, again, we all did GOOD!

The Toy Distribution went very well on Wednesday, December 19th. The families came to pick up their packages, plus the Roamin Angels gave all families a $25.00 gift card from Kmart and a $25.00 gift card for Grocery Outlet. Happy families.

The toys that were not used for the Roamin Angel families or the Salvation Army went to the Paradise and Magalia fire victims. We are praying that the toys from us will maybe put a smile on a child's face. Keep the Fire Victims in our praying over this special Christmas Season.

The Gals and Guys that helped run with the packages and load the cars for the families.

Thank You Angels for your support and help.

Commentary by Pat G. • Photos by Bud & Edie H. and Pat G.

From Nikki G, Treasurer:

Merry Christmas to All!

Roamin Angels, Inc. 2018 Toy Drive was very successful again this year. We were able to make forty families very happy for the 2018 Christmas Season.  We were able to support these families with 2 - $25.00 gift cards and packages purchased by our shoppers to fulfill the wish lists of our families. We want to especially Thank those of you whom contributed money, toys or shopped for our event.
Thank you again.

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