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Car Show & Beyond

Commentary by Mike H.

Oh Santa!!! Thank you so much for the Shelby 500GT!!!! How did you get that under the tree? The insurance is how much? How do I get this out of the house? Ewwww bad dream….

Hope you had a nice Christmas with friends and Family.

I was walking out of B&C when I bumped into local CHP Commander, George. After the greetings George said “I hope you’re doing the safety driving course again this year?!?”…
“That’s the plan, Survive the Drive II”, I replied…why?

Turns out George’s son gets his permit in January and the Commander wants to make sure he goes through the event. Wow 1!

Wow 2?....Can you imagine being the son of the CHP Commander and going through the course while he’s looking over your shoulder?

Wow 3?... George thought that much of the program we staged last year.

So I’m asking you to pencil in April 28th for “Survive the Drive II”. I’ve spoken with Fire Chief Buttron and reserved the Fire training facilities here in Grass Valley. They afford us the opportunity to hold the event locally and draw more families. Obviously we’ll need to tailor the program because we don’t have a race track but it does offer other training opportunities. BMR Racing is waiting on the K&N series schedule to determine if they can be involved once again. They did such a great job last year!

We had close to 40 volunteers from the Roamin Angels and various other organizations in 2017. We’ll need those again in 2018. Talk it up please. I can safely say everyone enjoyed the teaching experience and the rewards of interacting with the Kids and Families.

Good news on the car show front! Dave G. has volunteered to take over Commercial Vendors from Don and Gloria. Thank you Dave. I might add from Dave’s mouth…”That’s why we joined!”

Conversely, “Tony Baloney” is not feeling 100% at the moment and is asking for a volunteer to head up the Club’s “Memory Lane” exhibit at the show. Talk with Anthony R. about the job or myself. Fun work. Not a lot of time invested prior to the show. Good job for a rookie because you’ll learn a lot about the Club.
January 9th brings the next long range car show meeting. Keep you posted as we sort through the recommendations and plans for the future.
On the breakfast front we’ll wrap up the First Responder thank you’s Jan 5th.

Not scheduled yet but we head out to a local shop to see a real live 427 Cobra soon. Check the breakfast emails for when it does get scheduled. I’ve spoken with “The Range” about returning for a private R.A. shoot soon. Get your weapon of choice ready. Past that? Have an idea? Get me, Pat G. or Shelley P. the lead and we’ll work on it.

Hasta La Vista Baby….


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