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Car Show & Beyond

Commentary by Mike H.

Gin V. and I exchanged ideas about the cars we’ll be using for the 2018 Car Show logo. Actually there wasn’t much exchanging because we were pretty much on the same page from the get-go. Two of the images have a kind of purpose to fill but all three we felt should represent and honor the members that volunteer and really help with the show.

Den R. led a breakfast discussion awhile back and the question was…..why don’t we see more model “A’s” at the show? The “A’s” and the “T’s” were kind of the basis for the whole Hot Rod birth. Den has offered to act as emissary to the model “A” clubs and work on getting a crowd of them at the show. I think we’ll set aside an area as a kind of Model “A” land. Well… if you’re going to entice the Model “A’s” to come we should incorporate a Model “A” in the image. One thing led to another and representing the Model “A” motivation is Jerry B. and his pickup.

Earlier this year Jim and Judy from Big A began talking about off road vehicles. My mental response was Ah Haw! We’ve all been there. We talked to a buddy about how great those mid sixties Camaros were. You talk to your wife about the upside value of that ‘69 Corvette you noticed for sale. Yep it was those kind of conversations….he was buying…I knew it…he knew it. It wasn’t surprising then that a few weeks later Jim dropped by to show me the new Jeep Rubicon beast he had purchased for off road adventures. He’s so happy.

Why not feature a “Big A 4WD Adventure Land” display? Of course a new Jeep image wouldn’t work but Claude has a great Willy’s Wagon that would. Volunteer box checked. 4WD box checked. The 4WD feature should open up some interest for attending the show. We just had an off road gathering with some 600 vehicles here in town. With “Big A’s” help I think we can get a couple of those back in the Fall.

Clare's 1967 Pontiac LemansThink of a looooooong time volunteer and Club member. Think 50/50 Raffle. Think 1967 Pontiac Lemans (pictured above). Yep, Clare fills the bill for the last car image representing a traditional “Classic”. Simple, stock, classic.

Gin’s working out the total image and by next month’s news we’ll have something to share.

I have a meeting scheduled with Thom who runs the motorcycle “Toy Run”. That’s the group who yearly turns out a couple of thousand motorcycles here in Nevada County. This will be Harley’s 115th anniversary and I think adding a display of classic Harleys to our mix will give us another interest group to draw against. Let’s see what happens. I’m also working on a couple of special guests with Harley ties.

Lastly, Heeeeee’s baaaack! The “He” being John K. John has signed on to manage the Downtown show once again this year May 5th. I’m sure John will have info out when the time comes about volunteering. I believe the applications for 2018 are already out. Check with John about any and all Downtown car show happenings.


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