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First Responder Breakfast photos

Grass Valley Fire Department
November 7, 2018

Hook and Ladderers...Good turn out for the first "First Responders" breakfast of the season. It was Grass Valley Fire Departments turn, the talk was great and 8 of GVFD's best were TOTALLY blown away that the Roamin Angels would treat them to breakfast. "Thanks so much" I was asked to relay from the group.

Six of the eight Fire Fighters had spent time at the So Cal Fires or the Redding Mess. It was our FD that had the technology and skill to use a drone to map the fire for planning responses and attacks.

The most exciting happening to come out of breakfast??... the Fire Fighters need help in finishing the restoration of their classic Fire Engine. I've contacted NU's auto shop and Dan the Fire engine man and they're both in. As soon as we sort out what needs to be done and we know it's doable, I'll let you know so you can participate. It would be awesome to work next to those kids and make this happen. Make a good focal point for the 20th "Cruisin the Pines" show as well!

November 16, 2018

We had a great turn out for CHP first responders...including some 6 CHP's. CHP has extended an offer to us to tour the CHP facility after breakfast. That's rare folks. It's not scheduled yet but it will be soon. Stay tuned.

November 30, 2018

I've received a few calls this week from GVPD asking if there was still room for more of their finest at breakfast. "You bet" was the answer. I think we'll see quite a crowd including the Chief and maybe a couple of officers undercover as.....Dogs!

T Mobile robberies, CVS robberies, Car Crashes, Home invasions....Now is your chance to thank them for standing the wall duty to make sure you & yours are safe. It's time also to say thanks for their participation in our Toy Drive, Car Show, Teen Driving and all the other events they help us with.

Commentary by Mike H. • Photos by Bud & Edie H. and Mike H.

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