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Car Show and Beyond

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Car Show & Beyond

Commentary by Mike H.

It was so obvious.

I’m not in the habit of setting the hand brake. Don’t know why but that’s the way it is. When I see a hand brake light on …a 2” wide “BRAKE” light then I assume the hand brake may be on.

This one was intermittent in the ’81 Vette. No noticeable issue with the brakes. I lifted the handle and released it a few times…no change. Since I never use the hand brake my thinking was the switch was shorting every now and then. Fast forward two weeks later when I drive it again and the brake light is on all the time. Next day, Saturday, I pull out the manual & schematics to locate where the switch might be that activates with the parking brake handle.

No switch in the circuit?! Whaaa? Now it’s time to read the entire section on Brakes.

Last paragraph…the braking system uses a proportioning valve to send fluid to the rear and front brakes equally. When fluid is not being diverted correctly the “Brake light switch” in the valve is activated and the “brake light” is turned on. Why it’s not in the schematic? No Clue. One proportioning valve later……light goes out.

What is obvious is we are getting close to the 18th version of “Cruisin the Pines”. Just about 5 weeks to go and it’s show time.

I’ve ordered a couple hundred American flags for the Saturday opening ceremonies. We’ll be celebrating “Volunteers” Saturday at about 9am. The Bear River choir will entertain us with some car songs to get you in the mood then we’ll roll into some patriotic tunes featuring the choir and special guests all just before the scouts hoist the flag to a rifle salute.

We’re inviting volunteers of all kinds including first responders but also folks from Hospice, United Way, Rotary and other organizations that make this a great place to live. Wave a flag, sing along, Salute the Flag and honor our honored guests. Then check out some really special vehicles of all types lined up for this year’s event.

There are a couple of Directors that could still use help. None of these jobs are difficult and require just a bit of your time the weekend of the 9th & 10th. Anthony could use some assistance in the memorabilia booth; Shelia at the gates, and Ron Carmichael with security to name a few. The best way to participate is to attend the next car show meeting. That’s a combo General & Car Show meeting to be held at Condon Park in the covered picnic area. Meetings start at 6pm.

But wait! There’s more!

We’re going to feed you!

You can never have too much Pizza so it’s a Pizzastravaganza on the 8th to keep your cheese quotient up, salads to amaze your taste buds, and we’ll ply you with alcohol and soft drinks…. and treat you to dessert!

All on us.

See you at the Sept 8th meeting, Condon Park, General and Car Show Meeting!


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