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Byers Mini-Car Show & Mixer photos

Byers Mini-Car Show & Mixer

Commentary & Photos by Patricia G

Byers Leaf Guard on Idaho-Maryland road, Grass Valley. July 27th.

Food, Classic and Fancy cars including the Crocker's 1936 Packard.

Eleven Roamin Angel cars joined the Event. Byers was celebrating the "Great American Race & Habitat for Humanity".

Local couple, "The Croker's" traveled the 2000 mile Race in nine days in their 1936 Packard. They traveled from Florida to Michigan. They displayed their car and beautiful trophy of a Golden Eagle. The couple raised and donated $10,000 to Habitat for Humanity this year. They will try next years Race 2018 and they are hoping to raise $20,000! Really nice and approachable couple. You could tell that they enjoyed their time at the Race.

Good luck to the Crokers on the next Race.

Note: Byers is a new sponsor to our annual Car Show.

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