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Nevada County Air Fest 2017

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Air Fest 2017 photos

Nevada County AirFest 2017

Commentary by Diane B.
Photos by Mike H. and Dave & Diane B.

July 8, 2017 – About a dozen cars met in the parking lot at Paulette's Country Kitchen. Pat Gruwell passed out the Air Fest entry passes and we caravaned out about 7:45am. When we got there, there were several other classics already there. We were parked at the entry to the tarmac along the hangars. All tolled there were about 50 classics and hot rods leading into the air show.

Due to the fires in the area that day, Cal Fire planes took precedence on the runway so the air show was a little delayed but the fire planes were very impressive too.

The tarmac was warm and shade at a premium. Luckily, our group brought several pop ups including a few that covered the engine raffle area.

It was a fun show and there were a lot of people who enjoyed the show.

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